Suspend: to keep in a mood or feeling of expectation or incompleteness





Suspended is meant for the stories that are complete, yet seem unfinished. The endings hang and dangle off the final page like a pendulum seeking answers. We want your poems or short stories that are suspended in this regard, have suspenseful endings, or are ambiguous in nature at any or every turn. Send us your visual art that makes onlookers question its meaning. 


Suspended accepts simultaneous submissions. Let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere. When submitting written work, please use Microsoft Word, Verdana 12 point font and double-spaced. All rights are retained by the author or visual artist upon publication. Our submission period opens on February 1 and closes on June 30. We publish each issue on November 1.

Poetry: send up to 4 poems in a single document amounting to no more than 8 total pages in length.

Fiction: send up to 2 short fiction pieces amounting to no more than 15 total pages in length each.

Visual Art: send up to 6 pieces of art.

We offer an honorarium of $25 for poetry and art, and $35 for fiction through PayPal.

Suspended Magazine